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There has been a long established history of Tabloid Journalists bashing that which they do not understand. Nothing seems to frustrate these people more than change. Think about it, how many times have we seen a headline in the Daily Mail, or heard ITV news proclaim some new threat that will destroy the entire world? [...]

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Thu, April 29 2010 » Articles, iRate » 5 Comments

Wii Play Wii!

A little while ago Tom01255 wrote an article about how the Wii ,giving it a bit of a bashing. Well, Mightyles and I (Joefeesh) have joined forces to form the Wii Defence Squad with the purpose of deflecting any of the crap you may throw at Nintendo! Leave Nintendo alone! Nah, not really. In fact I actually agreed with many of Tom’s points and understand his frustration with the Wii. However, Mightyles and I didn’t agree that there weren’t any ‘proper’ games on the Wii and thought that we’d help Tom and other gamers who aren’t sure what’s out there on the Wii for the proper gamer. So here it is, a handy little list some of (not all of) the proper games on your shiny, little, white box, and as it turned out most of them are exclusive to Nintendo.

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Mon, October 26 2009 » Opinion Pieces » 3 Comments