We are living in a material world…

Strangely enough, I’ve never really considered myself much of a ‘material girl’ (See what I did there?). It’s only now, with a mere two weeks and counting before I leave the country for the Land of the Rising Sun that I’m finding out that I might have been mistaken this whole time. Far from harbouring thoughts of buying COD: Black Ops for the cheapest price or Kinect to discover whether there are any issues with being a short gamer; instead I find myself taking stock of my current collection.

Much like any extended excursion or emergency evacuation calls for, property and possessions must be valued in more ways than one. This, I feel being particularly difficult for someone like me with a collection of games going well into the hundreds. Unfortunately, that isn’t even including special edition collector items and the consoles themselves. Again, with the emergency evacuation scenario in mind, small items are obviously the easiest to consider bringing.

This is to say that the PSP and DS are in the glorified position of being ‘must have’ items. Not only are they already portable, but they take up very little space and weigh even less. Something that is becoming increasingly important when considering airport baggage allowances. Not only this, but the packaging for the games for each respective system can be easily stored. Regrettably, the same cannot be said about the others in my collection.

How am I supposed to fit all this into a couple of suitcases?

It’s strange how only a week ago I was lamenting the extra effort it took me to take Resident Evil 5 out of its special edition box and yet now I can’t quite bring myself to leave it behind. The same goes for Borderlands, slip sleeves sometimes being a deciding factor of whether I can be bothered to play a game or not. So what is to be done? Do I remove the games from their packaging, lovingly slip them into one of those multiple disc holder things and be done with it?

I’d have the games, sure, and that’s all that matters, right? Not to mention the space in my suitcase saved. It’s hardly like I read the boxes anymore other than the occasional glance of momentarily renewed admiration at a particularly witty blurb or hilarious typo. Yet I just can’t bring myself to seriously consider this option. I mean, my Silent Hill 2 limited edition box is very fragile. I can’t just tuck it away in storage somewhere sans the game itself, can I? I’m not that cruel.

Silent Hill 2 will forever have a special place in my heart, and my collection.

Speaking of which, what is to become of my Resident Evil 4 chainsaw controller? Common sense tells me that immigration and customs wouldn’t quite share my enthusiasm for the novelty controller in light of security and all that. What will I do if I feel the need to play RE4 whilst flailing around like a crazed Leatherface (or Dr Salvador is more appropriate, I guess). The same goes for my Tatsunoko vs. Capcom and Street Fighter 4 arcade sticks. Sure, you could look at it from the point of view that I’ll be in a country just full of arcades so I won’t need them. And you’d be right, of course. Technically I wouldn’t need them. I might want them, though.  Is that really materialistic of me?

Possibly a little too intimidating for immigration to handle.

It’s actually almost depressing that I’m this concerned with all this and I haven’t even mentioned my DVD and CD collection which is even greater to some extent. Those limited edition CDs and DVD box sets tend to take up some space, after all. Oh, and my books. I haven’t even thought of my clothes. I can always buy more clothes… limited edition items, however?

All I can say in closing on the matter is I’m glad I haven’t got Kinect yet. I’m dubious as to if my Tokyo apartment will have the room for me to work it anyway. Besides, I hear tell they’ll be quite cheap over there pretty soon.

- Sabbi Stone

Wed, November 17 2010 » Opinion Pieces

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  1. ItsActuallyAdam November 17 2010 @ 1:30 pm

    oh my god, i really underestimated the amount of games you actually have in your possession. bravo!

  2. Crofterz November 18 2010 @ 12:58 pm

    If this is actually your game collection then consider me EXTREMELY impressed! Fancy erm..letting me “look after” a few of those for you? LAWL. I jokes.

    Great article though!

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