iRate:- Region Locking

Since Mass Effect 3 is still taking much of my already depleted available time for games, I don’t have anything on hand to review, so what better time to share with you an issue that has been troubling me for a while now. Today we’re going to talk region-locking and artificial product boundaries. Before getting [...]

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iRate:- The DLC Season Pass

With game publishers looking to extract every single dollar from gamers they can in a world where the idea of free costumes for playing a game is antiquated and Gamestop (along with the various online grey market sellers) are looked at the same way as the Eye of Mordor, the newest trend is to bundle [...]

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We’ve Never Had It Better

In the 30+ year history of the games industry almost every generation of consoles has had their epic rivalries: Super Nintendo vs Mega Drive, Playstation vs Saturn, Dreamcast vs PS2. Every console had their own strengths and weaknesses, but despite this each console generation we have heard fans decree the same improbable phrase:- “This is the [...]

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Thu, May 19 2011 » Opinion Pieces » 3 Comments

iRate:- Baddie Boss Bashing

Have you ever experienced the sheer horror of getting to the end of a game and being totally and utterly disappointed? Not because the game was bad, oh no, it was just that end boss was such a huge let down? Well fear not my friend because you are not alone!

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iRate:- Collector’s Perdition

It’s a phenomenon that has existed for years, but is becoming more and more common as the games market expands. I am of course talking about expensive Collector’s Edition copies of the latest new release. It seems every developer these days is releasing a high priced “limited edition” complete with in-game bonus items, books, soundtracks, [...]

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