Review:- Catherine

Game: Catherine Format: Xbox 360, PS3 Developer: Atlus Persona Team Publisher: Atlus, Deep Silver It’s a part of growing up that everyone has to eventually face… the idea of a long-term relationship and all that comes with it. Steady jobs, mortgages, little to no late nights out drinking with good friends and (let’s whisper this [...]

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Thu, February 23 2012 » PS3, Reviews, Xbox 360 » 3 Comments

Video: Hands on with Playstation Vita

The UK release of the Playstation vita is a little under a month away now, but Japanese gamers have been able to buy the system since mid-December. Knowing that our readers are keen to hear more about Sony’s next portable gaming system we have given our Japanese corespondent Sabbi Stone a special mission. After submitting [...]

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Wed, January 25 2012 » Videos » No Comments

Review:- Playstation Vita (Welcome Park)

This has been a long time coming, relatively, considering how long the Vita has been out in Japan. Since then I’ve had the pleasure of seeing its numbers sell well during the first week, slip in the second and more recently, be outsold by its predecessor once more. In fact, I can’t go into any [...]

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Tue, January 24 2012 » Reviews, Vita » 7 Comments

Arcade IC Cards? Oh, I See.

When you think about arcade gaming you might assume it’s a fairly simple affair. You go on inside the place, seek out the arcade machine with the game of your choice, put the money in the slot and away you go. If that’s your guess then you’d be right… at least, you’d be partly correct. [...]

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Wed, January 18 2012 » Articles » 2 Comments

Ganbatte Nippon: Gaming After The Disaster

Unless you have been in some sort of game-induced coma for the last couple of months, a certain piece of world news won’t have escaped your notice. On March 11th at 14.46pm a 9.0 earthquake hit off the Eastern coast of Honshu. This quake that would later be called the Great East Japan Earthquake and [...]

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