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There has been a long established history of Tabloid Journalists bashing that which they do not understand. Nothing seems to frustrate these people more than change. Think about it, how many times have we seen a headline in the Daily Mail, or heard ITV news proclaim some new threat that will destroy the entire world? [...]

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Thu, April 29 2010 » Articles, iRate » 5 Comments

The Newb Review Episode 2

A look at this weeks video game news with Braindead_Hero, Tom01255, LavaLampBamboo and Mightyles as we talk about Modern Warfare 2 controvesy, more about World of Warcraft in China and EA running into some issues as well as the usual new releases and site updates. Download the MP3 | Subscribe to the Feed Please note, [...]

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Wed, November 11 2009 » Podcasts » 6 Comments

The Newb Review Episode 0

Welcome to the first pilot episode of the podcast. This week, Braindead Hero and Mightyles talk about the latest in the video game world. Download the MP3 | Subscribe to the Feed

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Thu, October 29 2009 » Podcasts » 10 Comments