News:- 12 New Soul Sacrifice Screenshots

Ahead of the European release of Soul Sacrifice on 3rd May, we are sharing a dozen screenshots we’ve taken from the full game.

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Preview:- Soul Sacrifice

Playstation Vita, it’s fair to say, has been something of a disaster. An excellent machine with barely a flaw in sight as far as its design and interface is concerned, what should have been a proud, strutting stag of a device has been swiftly run to ground and badly savaged by the twin attack dogs [...]

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The Five Most Anticipated Vita Games of 2013

The gaming community is quite strongly divided on the subject of Sony’s PlayStation Vita, it may have struggled a little bit in the first year but there’s plenty to look forward to for Vita owners in 2013. From the looks of it the Vita could very well have it in the bag, with some brilliant [...]

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The Biggest & Best Games of 2013

So, everyone has an opinion, and here’s ours. 2013 looks set to be a bumper year for all us gamers and here are just a few of the games that have us newbs most excited about the next 12 months.

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