OUYA Unpacking and First Impressions

The OUYA, the little box that could, the dream for which people piled up almost 9 million dollars. But does the OUYA bring the promised dreams in its small frame, or is it a box of empty promises?  Join me in its unpacking and first impressions and find out. The first thing that strikes you [...]

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Video Review:- Rogue Legacy

Rogue Legacy is an indie platformer for PC created by Cellar Door Game. Join Jose in this quick video review of the game.

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Let’s Talk: E3 Edition

Join Jose and Justin as they discuss all the recent events following E3 and Microsoft’s change in Xbox One policy.

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DLC Review:- Crusader Kings II: The Old Gods

Game: Crusader Kings II: The Old Gods Format: PC Developer: Paradox Interactive Publisher: Paradox Interactive Yet another Crusader Kings II DLC has hit our shores, and this time it carries raiders, barbarians and heathens, allowing players to enjoy (or suffer) the pagan hordes. Not that pagans are an uniform and cohesive bunch, mind you, pagans [...]

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DLC Review:- Victoria 2: Heart of Darkness

Victoria feels like the forgotten brother of the Paradox family, which is a pity, as, at least in my personal opinion, it deals with the most world-shaking and interesting period of history. The Victorian era, with it’s massive industrialisation, political upheaval and colonial ambitions is rife for interesting strategy games, and right now Victoria II [...]

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