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2013-03-19-230136Senran Kagura has attained a small degree of internet notoriety as that fighting game about boobs. For once, this is not, in fact, a wild mischaracterisation of the game’s appeal, as you can see from the screenshots. After a couple of installments on 3DS (yes, I know), Sony has tempted the series to Vita as part of a partnership deal with publisher Marvellous AQL that will also see a remake of Wii fighting adventure game Muramasa and a new installment in the Valhalla Knights series come to the system.

So, Senran Kagura, then, is a Heroic Action game in loosely the style of Dynasty Warriors that replaces ancient Chinese generals with teenage girls in little skirts battering each other till their huge knockers pop out. The first one to beat their opponent down to panties-only wins. Pornographic nonsense, right?

Well, no, not exactly. There is a knockabout sense of fun and a warmth and affection to the game that mitigates somewhat against its obviously salacious content. This, God help us all, is a pervy girl-on-girl fighting game that also sails through the Bechdel test. Rather than comparing it to porn, it seems more helpful to think instead of British seaside postcard smut, a sort of martial arts re-imagining of Confessions of a Window Cleaner with the player as Robin Asquith.

2013-03-19-230804This is a likeable, tightly-designed arena fighting action game. Its controls are responsive and its fighting system manages to wring a deceptive level of deth out of something apparently so simplistic. But it also has a multiplayer mode wherein players race to be the first to collect 250 pairs of panties and every fight can only be won by exposing a teenager’s breasts so she stops fighting out of embarassment.

I enjoy Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus. I like it quite a lot.

I am not sure whether or not I should be ashamed of it.

Check out our screenshot gallery below:

No word yet on if this will ever see release outside of Japan but, if the demand is there, then you never know.

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