E3 2013: Game of the Show

E3 GOTS HEADERNow that the dust has settled on E3 2013 the newbreview.com team got together to try and name a single game of the show. Unfortunately, while they all agreed on a number of amazing looking titles, the team was unable to decide which game should earn the coveted award.

So now part of the team their personal picks for the best looking game of the show.

Leah Writes:
Knowing my own gaming preferences as I do, I was expecting my favorite game of E3 to be either Final Fantasy XV or the HD Wind Waker remake. Imagine my surprise, then, when I found myself most excited for something I hadn’t even heard of before Sony’s conference. The Order: 1866 doesn’t seem to be particularly close to release, but its trailer definitely caught my attention, with its Victorian-era setting, its part-steampunk-part-futuristic weaponry, and its supernatural themes.

A Victorian action game?! SOLD!

A Victorian action game?! SOLD!

It is being developed by Ready at Dawn Studios, who are responsible for the wonderful God of War titles for the PSP, as well as the Wii port of Okami, so I have faith in the abilities of the team as well as in the concept. Furthermore, it’s great to see new IP that looks this good, even in its early days, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of what this game looks like and how it will play. I mean, you can’t really say no to lightning guns and werewolves. I can’t, anyway.

Martin Writes:
This year it seems like every publisher has gone out all guns blazing, showing off some incredible looking games. When asked to pick just one game to mark as the most promising looking title I genuinely struggled – The Witcher 3 looks to be the ultimate role playing experience, Destiny may very well revolutionise online multiplayer shooters, and Octodad looks like barmy fun. However one game immediately stood out to me and that was Dead Rising 3.

Dead Rising 3

Bigger is often better

I’ve always been a fan of the series so you can imagine how my pulse pounded upon seeing the next-gen iteration of the series. Featuring a huge open world, filled with thousands of zombies, and the freedom to create a plethora of  obscenely weird combo weapons on the fly makes my mouth water in anticipation. Fans that may have concerns about the new story mode, which lifts the strict time limits on each mission, need not fear as the developers recently confirmed that they would include a separate Nightmare Mode that aims to be more challenging than any previous entry in the series. It sounds as if Capcom Vancouver have achieved the impossible, making the game accessible to new players while also placating the hardcore fans, and that’s a big win for me.

Thom Writes:
My favourite title shown at E3 is quite hard to call. I may be a fully grown adult, but Kingdom Hearts 3 was able to make me short of breath from excitement. Final Fantasy XV‘s apparent influences taken from Bayonetta made it stand out from a conference of men with guns. And Platinum Games’ The Wonderful 101 and Bayonetta 2 were both incredibly impressive. However, the title I’m looking forward to most is the Monolith Software game simply referred to for now as X.

The basic concept is simple. Monster Hunter with Mechs. Drool.

The basic concept is simple. Monster Hunter with Mechs. Drool.

A sprawling open-world game seeming to blend elements from Monster Hunter with transforming mechs. Relatively little has been shown, but the announcement trailer was enough to make me sit up and shut up, and when it comes out I am likely to play it until my thumbs go numb.

Jim Writes:
This Year’s E3 had a great line up of games on display and I’m sure everyone had their favourites, with the likes of Titanfall, Quantum Break, Killzone Shadow Fall, Metal Gear Solid V and Destiny being shown off it was always going to be a tough one to claim game of E3. However for me there was one game that stood out, not because it looked the best, but because it looked like it was going to offer us something different, for me, my game of E3 was Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy’s The Division.

The Division

The Division looks to take the concept of online multiplayer to a whole new level

The Division looked to me like it was taking the next step in gaming evolution, a massively multiplayer online role playing third person action shooter (a bit of a mouthful!), where your very survival is pinned on you and your squad working together as a cohesive unit. Of course there wasn’t a huge amount shown, but what was shown certainly got my gaming taste buds salivating and wanting more. The story didn’t sound particularly strong, in fact it sounded rather generic for a third person action shooter, but I think this game will stand out on how this story will unfold. Of course with the amount of freedom you will have for exploration, it is safe to say that this is going to be a very big game, that a lot of hours will be spent on.

Those are our picks, but what were yours? Did that Metal Gear Solid V trailer keep you up at night, or maybe you’re more of a Infamous: Second Son fan. Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. June 19 2013 @ 8:22 pm

    Oops, again, never managed to get around to being included in the article so I’ll add mine here…

    Of all the games, the one that piqued my interest slightly more than all the other generic rubbish was The Division. Looks a pretty cool idea but seems to be online only? Requiring me to have friends and/or get along with others is a no-no from me :/ I’d also prefer it on Wii U as I think the GamePad would make things easier.

    Titanfall was OK until you realise that tiny little men can take huge lumbering mechs out faster than said mechs can do anything. LOL moment that one. The eject sequence was nice however….oh and it was all shiny and stuff.

    X was very interesting, something a bit different and a pick n mix of genres could be a winner, time will tell.

    As a racing fan I wasn’t really catered for, Forza 5 looks good, but I’m not looking likely to go for the One and I can live without it especially after the horrific Horizon crap LOL. Drive Club was looking a bit dated and boring and it’s not even out yet. Oh Dear. As for The Crew…it’s not a racer, it’s a social driving game that started off amazing in the video but slowly turned into one gigantic looking turd of a game. Gran Turismo 6…I’ll get that for PS3 tbh so it doesn’t really count.

    Not the best E3 conference show thing ever.

    Metal Gear Solid it is then.

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