Preview:- Terraria (console version)

“The deeper you get, the harder it gets.” That’s the promise that Greg Jones, European PR manager for 505 Games, made as I picked up the controller to play Terraria for the first time. The PC version arrived mid-way through 2011 and quickly became a best (as well as consistent) seller on Steam; shifting over [...]

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Achievement wiping bug on Xbox Live

Microsoft are currently dealing with a bug that is wiping achievements from the accounts of a large number of gamers. Currently when unlocking an achievement, a glitch means that a some XBox users are having their achievements wiped. If this has happened to you the advise is threefold: 1. Sign out of your account and [...]

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Review:- Bug Village (Mobile)

Game: Bug Village Format: Windows Phone 7, iOS, Android Developer: Glu Mobile Publisher: Glu Mobile I’m not one to waste my time on rubbish games. Why would I? I don’t get paid for this, I do it for the love… and there are many great games around, so why give any time at all to [...]

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End of Microsoft Points?

Rumors have surfaced today that Microsoft is to discontinue use of “Points” and instead switch to selling online content / DLC direct in local currencies. With an apparent target of the end of 2012 for all regions to be switched over this could be an interesting year for Xbox Live. The current “points” system not [...]

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Tue, January 24 2012 » Gaming News » 5 Comments

Is Downloading the Future?

Over the past few years digital downloads have greatly increased in popularity. Recently the iTunes App Store hit the 10 billion download mark (quote). Even when you factor in around 15% of app sales are for games and then allow for the fact the approximately 40% of downloads are free apps, this still leaves you [...]

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