Review:- Super Stardust Delta

Game: Super Stardust Delta Format: Vita (downloadable) Developer: Housemarque Publisher: Sony If you’re a fan of intergalactic adventures, with a passion for explosions and a desire to gun down a fathomless amount of asteroids and robots, oh and you like saving the universe every now and again, then Housemarque’s latest title, Super Stardust Delta, may [...]

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Preview:- Starhawk

While it had a small booth and not that much of a queue, Starhawk was one of those few games at Eurogamer Expo that drew my attention enough for me to actually sit down and play it, which is quite an achievement really. Then again, it cheated by having transforming mechs. I was able to [...]

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Uncharted 3 Trophy List Mapped

An interesting list came into our possession this morning, and it looks suspiciously like a trophy list, furthermore, it looks like a trophy list a certain Mr Drake may be very interested in. Bronze 30 Kills: Mag 5 (Bronze) – Defeat 30 enemies with the Mag 5. 30 Kills: Arm Micro (Bronze) – Defeat 30 [...]

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Review: Killzone 3

Game: Killzone 3 Format: Playstation 3 Developer: Guerilla Games Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment Editor’s note: In a move that is becoming something of a tradition here at The Newb Review whenever a huge AAA franchise game is released, we have allocated the review of Killzone 3 to two of the site’s writers; Luke Mears has [...]

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Preview: MAG

Game: MAG Format: Playstation 3 Developer: Zipper Interactive Publisher: SCE So I’m one of the few (thousand) who have been called up to the ranks of the Massive Action Game (MAG) beta trial and as far as I can tell, I’ve not signed a non-disclosure agreement, so I thought I would share my initial impressions [...]

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