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After being the number one selling game in the USA, and given the current popularity of Super Heroes in the mainstream media, it’s pretty much a given that Warner Brothers will commission some sort of sequel to Injustice: Gods Among Us, the beat ‘em up featuring a roster of popular DC Comics characters.

As with the previous articles in our Sequel Speculation series, a sequel to Injustice has yet to be confirmed (at the time of writing any way) and none of the ideas below are a given. Nonetheless, here are a couple of things we think would dramatically improve an Injustice sequel.

A Larger More Diverse Roster

Injustice: Gods Among Us features about 25 characters in total. Now, while this is a perfectly sizable roster for any other fighting game out there, when you consider that the upcoming Scribblenauts Unmasked will feature over 2,000 DC characters 25 just doesn’t cut it.  There don’t necessarily have to be hundreds of characters to chose from, but when popular well known characters such as Robin and the Martian Manhunter are left off the roster, there’s clearly room for expansion.

And while we’re at it, how about using a more ethnically diverse roster? There are plenty of non-white characters such as Blue Beetle, John Stewart, Katana, Azrael, Static, the list goes on and on. As it stands, Injustice feels a bit like a super powered WASP (white anglo-saxon protestant) convention, but that’s probably more of a criticism of the source material than anything else.

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More Than Just Costumes

While it’s obvious that we’d like to see more costumes for each of the characters, we’s like the costumes to be more substantial than just a plain skin change. In the most recent Mortal Kombat Scorpion’s downloadable classic costume unlocked an additional fatality – how about bringing this system over to the next Injustice? How cool would it be if Superman had a Bizarro costume that reversed the controls? Even a minor cosmetic enhancement to the super move would make all the difference – for instance, the Batman Beyond super move shouldn’t feature the current Batmobile, it should have the flying Batmobile from the source material.

Broader Mobile Integration

The injustice Gods Among Us Mobile game is an engaging way of encouraging people to keep interacting with the franchise. By completing set criteria in the mobile game you can unlock bonus costumes and items in the console version and vice versa. The only real disappointment with the game is the fact that it is currently only available on Apple devices. In an ideal world we’d like to see a similar sequel released on more platforms, such as Android or PlayStation Vita. And maybe make it a little easier guys. It took us over a month of solid grinding to complete the mobile game while the console version only took a few days!

Injustice CrisisUtilise The Multiverse

Injustice’s storyline took place across two different universes, including an alternate reality where Superman took over the globe. In the sequel it would make sense for the story to expand and feature more alternate realities – maybe even the entire DC multiverse! Injustice has already used the Red Son (Soviet Superman) universe in its DLC and we’d love to see more of this.

Not only would this allow for multiple versions of the same character, such as the Victorian ‘Gotham By Gaslight’ Batman or the Crime Syndicate of America, but also characters such as The Watchmen and even Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew!

More Varied Arenas

Most of the Injustice levels were locations in and around Gotham or Metropolis, so in the sequel we’d like to explore more varied corners of the DC Universe such as The Flash Museum, Star City, Lexcorp and Gorilla City. Assuming that Injustice 2 will be available on Next Gen platforms this would allow for even larger arenas with more tiers and more fantastic scene transitions. Oh, setting a level at night and categorising it as a different level is cheating (I’m looking at you Wayne Manor!)

Injustice FlashMuseum

DLC Changes

Initially Injustice: Gods Among Us will be getting  four new downloadable characters, including Lobo and Batgirl. As great as these characters are we can’t escape the feeling that they’re tacked on because they do not feature any extra S.T.A.R Labs missions, bonus costumes or even have their character models in the archives. With future DLC we’d like to see a more complete package.

Those are just a few of the ideas we were able to come up with. If you like an idea, hate it, or have some of your own then share them below. You never know who might be reading…

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  1. daniel boyance May 27 2013 @ 9:31 pm

    you should make a sequil cause at the end of story mode on the first one the evil superman looks up like he’s going to break out of the prison and you sould put mr. freeze & the gorilla villian in it.

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