Adam Thinks… About Clouds

Found scribbled on a sheet of used toilet paper in mango coloured crayon, The Newb Review’s resident mental Adam Radcliffe shares his thoughts on Cloud gaming. Any gamer will tell you that collecting little plastic boxes with discs inside them is great fun. Nobody can fully explain it, but filling your shelves with games is [...]

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Mon, May 16 2011 » Adam Thinks..., Articles » 2 Comments

Speaking with… Kellee Santiago, Co-Founder & President of thatgamecompany

In recent years we have witnessed something of an explosion of creative and innovative games into the market we so love. thatgamecompany have had a lot to do with this, producing the critically acclaimed Flower and fl0w – both PS3 exclusive titles that push the boundaries of what we understand of gaming mechanics. With their [...]

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Fri, February 11 2011 » Interviews » 3 Comments

PS3 Cloud Save, Coming Soon…

Sony have just released a developer update stating that PS3 savegames will soon be storable “in the cloud”. As we all know you can’t actually stream a savegame, meaning that the savegame you want will still have to be on your console to use it, obviously moving forward with this will mean you will select [...]

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Tue, February 1 2011 » Gaming News » 1 Comment

iRate:- Baddie Boss Bashing

Have you ever experienced the sheer horror of getting to the end of a game and being totally and utterly disappointed? Not because the game was bad, oh no, it was just that end boss was such a huge let down? Well fear not my friend because you are not alone!

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Wed, July 7 2010 » Articles, iRate » 11 Comments