Preview:- Sonic Generations

A fellow reviewer once said that Sonic is like a down on his luck rock star in the videogame world. In the 90s he was the biggest thing in the world, competing head to head against Mario and all the Nintendo characters, he had a great start to the turn of the century with Sonic [...]

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Review: Sonic the Hedgehog 4 – Episode 1

Game: Sonic the Hedgehog 4 – Episode 1 Format: Xbox Live Arcade (reviewed), Playstation Network, Wiiware, iPod/iPhone Developer: Dimps, Sonic Team Publisher: Sega Sega’s mascot has had something of a hard time ever since he first ventured out of the realm of 2D platforming and into the 3D world; the Sonic Adventure games were passable [...]

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Edu-tainment: Learning from games

A recent article on this very site reminded me of an article I’d been meaning to write for ages. Whilst that article was about reading about games, this one is about what we actually learn from games. I don’t mean in an ‘I’ve learnt I have a brain age of a forty year old, and [...]

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Retro Fix:- Sonic the Hedgehog (8-bit)

Why Sonic The Hedgehog (Master System) is secretly the best Sonic game Not too long ago I entered an elite club. No, not the Stone Cutters or the Illuminati, I joined the few people who love the Sega Master System. Like many people, I was brought up on the Nintendo consoles, ignoring all other consoles [...]

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Adam thinks…For thrice

Dear reader,

We at The Newb Review, are committed to bringing you the latest and greatest game related content possible. So look out for that, in the meantime though, why not continue reading the third installment in our “Adam Thinks…” series? We found this one washed ashore in a bottle, and it sees our friendly neighborhood idiot tackle the subject of achievements, trophies and the like.

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