A Love Letter To Playstation Plus

Following the unveiling of The Instant Games Collection (IGC) at gamescom last year Sony’s PlayStation Plus service has been on a bit of a roll. We’ve always been fond of PS+, ever since it was first started offering paying subscribers discounts on downloadable games and access to exclusive demos, but with the implementation of the [...]

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A Letter To:- Rockstar

Dear Rockstar, So it seems you’ve lost your way a bit when it comes to video games. I’m just dropping you a little note to let you know how it should be done; hopefully you won’t make the same mistakes again because your last “effort” has been a rather painful experience.

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Tue, July 13 2010 » A Letter To..., Articles » 8 Comments

A Letter To:- Steve Jobs

Hey Steve, It’s Tom, sorry iTom (I keep forgetting about the new employee naming convention), from the Apple design team here. With the media storm around the iPad it’s clear that now is the time to push forward with the plans for the rest of the product line. Massively increasing the size of the iPod [...]

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Fri, April 9 2010 » A Letter To..., Articles » 5 Comments

A Letter To:- Alan Titsmarch

Dear Alan, I feel I should congratulate you on your recent television debate with industry experts about the dangers of violence in video games. This discussion was both well informed and conclusive, but I shall get on to the results of it later in my letter.

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Mon, March 29 2010 » A Letter To... » 15 Comments

A Letter To:- Activision

Please child, just stop. You need not try so hard. I accept what you are, but so too do I see what you are becoming. What you are doing is no more than logical and I acknowledge your success. But child, with such a brain, do you have the heart to match?

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