A Letter To:- Rockstar

Dear Rockstar, So it seems you’ve lost your way a bit when it comes to video games. I’m just dropping you a little note to let you know how it should be done; hopefully you won’t make the same mistakes again because your last “effort” has been a rather painful experience.

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Tue, July 13 2010 » A Letter To..., Articles » 8 Comments

Checkmate Arcade 94 – The Activision Exodus

Once again, the audio gremlins appear to haunt the show. This week we talk about more people leaving Infinity Ward, Splinter Cell: Conviction, The Maw, and the Blur demo. Plus we have a glut of news from Konami. For an MP3 copy of the show, right click the link and choose Save As. MP3 Link [...]

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Sat, April 17 2010 » Recommended Podcasts » 1 Comment

The Newb Review Episode 11

This week Braindead_hero and Crofterz are joined by the lovely Spanjj from 7bitarcade to help them in their podcasting duties. Among the topics discussed are; the iPad, Exclusive GTA IV DLC no longer exclusive and the popularity of naked blue aliens. We also bring you this weeks new releases and site updates as well as [...]

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Fri, February 5 2010 » Podcasts » 2 Comments

1. Grand Theft Auto IV

Here at The Newb Review we like to think that games journalism isn’t all about picking up popular games and telling you how great they are. Tom01255 has adopted this idiom as his own personal mantra as he delves into games that everyone seems to love, but he really doesn’t… Join us as he talks us [...]

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Wed, November 25 2009 » PC/Mac, PS3, Reviews, Xbox 360 » 22 Comments