A Letter To:- Rockstar

Dear Rockstar, So it seems you’ve lost your way a bit when it comes to video games. I’m just dropping you a little note to let you know how it should be done; hopefully you won’t make the same mistakes again because your last “effort” has been a rather painful experience.

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Tue, July 13 2010 » A Letter To..., Articles » 8 Comments

A Letter To:- Alan Titsmarch

Dear Alan, I feel I should congratulate you on your recent television debate with industry experts about the dangers of violence in video games. This discussion was both well informed and conclusive, but I shall get on to the results of it later in my letter.

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Mon, March 29 2010 » A Letter To... » 15 Comments

A Letter To:- Activision

Please child, just stop. You need not try so hard. I accept what you are, but so too do I see what you are becoming. What you are doing is no more than logical and I acknowledge your success. But child, with such a brain, do you have the heart to match?

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Fri, March 19 2010 » A Letter To... » 6 Comments