Opinion:- Apple: The Future of The Gaming Industry?

Apple’s relationship with the games industry has always been one of great intrigue. It wasn’t so long ago that the Mac platform was seen as a gaming graveyard: a small selection a games left unsupported and unfulfilled. Simply put, games weren’t even on Apple’s radar, even to the extent that the late Steve Jobs was [...]

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Contre Jour is iPad Game of 2011

As you may be aware from our glowing review, we are fans of the cool, stylish puzzler that is Contre Jour, and it seems that we are not alone. Taking the plaudits of iPad Game of the Year 2011 in 14 major markets  (UK, France, Spain, Malasia, Japan and Thailand amongst them) this game shows [...]

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Review:- Death Rally (iOS)

Game: Death Rally (iOS) Format: iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch Developer: Remedy Entertainment Publisher: Apple Sometimes the advent of a new technology grants us all the opportunity to enjoy anew a past favourite as it is reborn for the new platform. Often this can prove disappointing, as the halcyon memories of yore shine more [...]

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Review:- Contre Jour

Game: Contre Jour Format: iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch Developer: Mokus Publisher: Chillingo Have you ever sat down and pondered what might happen if World of Goo met Limbo? What if they hit it off, found they had lots in common and discovered they enjoyed the same type of movies? Maybe they pop out [...]

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Review:- Poker Pals

Game: Poker Pals Format: iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch Developer: Aspyr Media Publisher: Chillingo Like Poker? Unhappy with the way the Poker dynamic plays out on social / mobile games? Welcome, I just may have a solution for you… Poker Pals is an iDevice game, covering the Phone, Pad and Touch hardware, which takes [...]

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