A Letter To:- Rockstar

Dear Rockstar, So it seems you’ve lost your way a bit when it comes to video games. I’m just dropping you a little note to let you know how it should be done; hopefully you won’t make the same mistakes again because your last “effort” has been a rather painful experience.

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Tue, July 13 2010 » A Letter To..., Articles » 8 Comments

iRate:- DLC Exclusivity and Me… A Hate/Hate relationship

Ah the joy of gaming… You finally sit down with the latest multiplatform release and let the gaming goodness wash over you, fully enjoying everything there is on offer. But hang on a second…There are bits missing aren’t there? It’s seems you can’t enjoy the same game as your rival console owners, not because of shoddy porting issues (we’ll save that for another iRate article), but because the developer has decided to sell off their reputation to the highest bidder and screw over around half of us gamers in the process. Oh well, at least they make a bit of extra cash…

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Thu, February 4 2010 » Articles, iRate » 8 Comments