Overrated:- Tiny Tower (video)

Following on from the smash hit that was Tom’s Overrated article last week (four people read it), he’s made a little video. If you find you’re still sitting on the fence as to whether to tap your way to the App store and download this free game, watch this video to help decide. Enjoy!

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Quick Look:- Outwitters

With the staggering growth of mobile gaming in recent years we thought it was about time that we dedicated a section of our site to some of the cool mobile games out there that you may not have heard about. This week Tom, Kieran and Adam shine the spotlight on the online multiplayer component of [...]

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Overrated:- Tiny Tower

Every once in a while a game comes along that captures the attention of the gaming population. A few months back Tiny Tower was just such a game. The idea is simple; build a tower with a mix of residential suites and services to maximise happiness and coin in order to continue building your tower [...]

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Quick Look:- The Dark Knight Rises

Following on from this morning’s full review, Kieran and Luke bring us a Quick Look Video about Gameloft’s movie tie in game The Dark Knight Rises. In this video we show how the game compares to other Batman titles out there, have a look at the expansive upgrade system, and go for a drive around [...]

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Review:- The Dark Knight Rises

Game: The Dark Knight Rises Format: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch Developer: Gameloft Publisher: Warner Bros Gameloft’s The Dark Knight Rises is an open world adventure game that has been released on the App Store to tie in with the latest Batman movie. In terms of narrative, rather than lifting whole parts of the whole movie, [...]

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