Review:- Max Payne Mobile

Game: Max Payne Mobile Format: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch Developer: Remedy Entertainment Publisher: Rockstar Games Originally released on PC, PlayStation 2, and the original Xbox about a decade ago, Max Payne is the story of a fugitive undercover cop framed for killing a police officer during a particularly harsh New York winter.  Back in the [...]

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Review:- Alan Wake (PC)

Game: Alan Wake Format: PC Developer: Remedy Entertainment Publisher: Nordic Games It’s safe to say many PC gamers have been waiting for Alan Wake… for a long time. With a hefty five year development phase before it landed on Xbox 360, and a further two years until it hit PC, Alan Wake promised to bring [...]

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Alan Wake Arrives on PC Feb 16th

After MUCH whispering and flashlights in the dark Alan Wake finally makes it to PC on February the 16th. In addition to multiple improvements to the graphics engine the PC version will also support 3D. Our recommendation is to grab it via Origin or Steam as this already strong title ends up a great deal [...]

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Alan Wake PC Retail Edition Confirmed

We have received word that Nordic Games have picked up the publishing rights for the PC retail version of Alan Wake. The boxed PC version will include both XBLA DLCs “The Signal” and “The Writer” at no extra cost. While no precise release date has been confirmed yet further information on the exact release date [...]

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Review:- Death Rally (iOS)

Game: Death Rally (iOS) Format: iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch Developer: Remedy Entertainment Publisher: Apple Sometimes the advent of a new technology grants us all the opportunity to enjoy anew a past favourite as it is reborn for the new platform. Often this can prove disappointing, as the halcyon memories of yore shine more [...]

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