Review:- Alien Breed Mobile

Game: Alien Breed Mobile Format: PS Vita, iOS, Android. Developer: Team 17 Publisher: Team 17 Alien Breed is a sci-fi, top down shooter from the delightful chaps that brought us Worms, Team 17. Originally released in 1991 on three separate floppy discs, it was an instant classic. The series was recently reinvigorated with an excellent [...]

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Quick Look:- The Walking Dead Episode 4: Around Every Corner

Kieran and Adam are back for another quick look video! This time they’re taking a look at the penultimate episode of TellTale Games downloadable adventure game The Walking Dead. In this (mostly) spoiler-free video, taken from the opening of the episode, the remaining survivors are ambushed by a legion of zombies whilst out in the [...]

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Quick Look:- Land-A-Panda

Land-A-Panda is an IOS puzzle game from Big Pixel Studios, the people behind such classics as Off The Leash and Meow Meow Happy Fight. The iPhone version of Land-A-Panda is free for a limited time and we strongly recommend you pick it up. The visual style is distinct, with Big Pixel’s charisma steaming off it. [...]

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Quick Look:- Jet Set Radio HD

It’s arguably one of the most requested HD remakes of recent years, you asked for it, and now you’ve got it: Sega’s cult classic Dreamcast title Jet Set Radio. For those unaware, Jet Set Radio is set in the futuristic city of Tokyo-To, with players controlling a member of an anti-authoritarian street gang that like [...]

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Review:- The Walking Dead Episode 3: Long Road Ahead

Game: The Walking Dead Episode 3: Long Road Ahead Format: PS3, Xbox 360, PC, iOS Developer: Telltale Games Publisher: Telltale Games Have you ever played a game that made you cry? I bet you have, haven’t you? I’m not talking about a game that brings you to tears through sheer frustration either, but through actual [...]

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