Alan Wake PC Retail Edition Confirmed

We have received word that Nordic Games have picked up the publishing rights for the PC retail version of Alan Wake. The boxed PC version will include both XBLA DLCs “The Signal” and “The Writer” at no extra cost. While no precise release date has been confirmed yet further information on the exact release date will follow in the next days we’re told.

Alan Wake, clearly searching for clues as to when the boxed PC edition will be released

“It goes without saying that we are very happy and proud to work together with some of the greatest talents and artists of the games industry”, commented Lars Wingefors, CEO of Nordic Games GmbH. “We are really looking forward to the PC version of Alan Wake, especially as we are talking about a fantastic PC adaptation thereof, rather than a mere porting of the code.”

We at Newb HQ were big fans of Alan Wake, so why not read our full review? The quasi-sequel to Alan Wake, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare is due to be released on Xbox 360 Xbox Live Marketplace in just a few short weeks. No word yet on if it will receive a PC release, but if the original sells well then we suspect there is a good chance that it will happen.

Thu, January 26 2012 » Gaming News

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