Origin Classic Games Sale (PC) – £5

EA are holding a big sale of classic PC games via Origin, some of these are timeless classics so why not grab; Mirror’s Edge, Sim City 4, Mass Effect, Shift 2 Unleashed or Burnout Paradise for less than the cost of a Pizza! http://store.origin.com/store/eaemea/en_GB/html/pbPage.lovescarnival_EN/ – Rax  

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Sat, February 18 2012 » Deals » No Comments

Alan Wake Arrives on PC Feb 16th

After MUCH whispering and flashlights in the dark Alan Wake finally makes it to PC on February the 16th. In addition to multiple improvements to the graphics engine the PC version will also support 3D. Our recommendation is to grab it via Origin or Steam as this already strong title ends up a great deal [...]

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Dead Space 2 (PC: via Origin) – £5

Grab it from Origin today only! http://store.origin.com/store/eaemea/en_GB/html/pbPage.adventcalendar_EN/?#offer19 – Rax

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Mon, December 19 2011 » Deals » No Comments

Bulletstorm (PC: via Origin) – £5

This deal is no longer available. Fancy some insane shooting action? http://store.origin.com/store/eaemea/en_GB/DisplayProductDetailsPage/ThemeID.850300/productID.226783800 – Rax

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Battlefield 3 Ships 10 Million

So, in addition to hosting one of the biggest Beta programs of all time, BF3 now has another claim to fame. It has already shipped in excess of 10 million copies and it isn’t even a week old! With critical acclaim surrounding it, and giving it an average review over 90%, and its much publicised [...]

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