Review:- All Zombies Must Die! Scorepocalypse

Game: All Zombies Must Die! Scorepocalypse Format: XBL, PSN or Steam Developer: Doublesix Publisher: Square Enix Making games funner is not only an aberration to the English language, but also notoriously hard to pull off in reality. Enter DoubleSix and their indie style hit “All Zombies Must Die!”, an enjoyable bird’s eye romp through a [...]

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Review:- iBomber Defense Pacific

Game: iBomber Defence Pacific Format: iOS (3.2 or later), PC (Steam) Developer: Cobra Mobile Publisher: Chillingo Mobile games… mobile games, mobile games… funny old lot… don’t you think? One of the things that I’m often struck by when considering mobile games is the fascinating dichotomy between general style and platform ownership. What I’m talking about [...]

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Alan Wake Arrives on PC Feb 16th

After MUCH whispering and flashlights in the dark Alan Wake finally makes it to PC on February the 16th. In addition to multiple improvements to the graphics engine the PC version will also support 3D. Our recommendation is to grab it via Origin or Steam as this already strong title ends up a great deal [...]

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Steam now larger than Canada!

News has reached newb HQ that Steam has crossed the 40 million user mark, giving it a population larger than that of Canada, Poland or Kenya! We’d certainly like to see Steam join the UN or maybe develop it’s own currency? Anyway, I’m off to put together a funky black & white (and grey) flag… [...]

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New Monkey Island Complete – £6.25

The very latest version of this classic series complete with all new shiny graphics and story! – Rax

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