We Sing Encore (Wii) Competition & Review

So, tomorrow sees the launch of the latest & greatest offering from Nordic Games. We Sing Encore. But what does this version have in store for us?

Well, we were lucky to be invited to the UK launch, and so can report back on both the game and the event and give you the opportunity to win a shiny new copy of this excellent party game, courtesy of the very lovely people at Nordic Games!

OK, so first things first, should you buy the game if you don’t win it in our competition? Well…

We Sing Encore

You’ll dig “We Sing Encore” If;
- You like Karaoke or just love singing along to your favourite tracks.
- You’ve been waiting for SOMEONE to bring 4 mics to the genre!
- You and / or your friends & family have an eclectic mix of musical tastes.

You’ll want to skip “We Sing Encore” If;
- Erm, you hate music?

Basically if you have any interest in Karaoke / singing / music, you will love We Sing Encore! Promise!

We Sing, but not us singing, that's just the name of the game...

Not only does it challenge other Karaoke titles on technical merit, song variety & ease of use, but it features the much anticipated 4 simultaneous players! In my view this is something that has LONG been missing from alternative options. Too many times I’ve sat and watched as someone destroyed my favourite track, knowing that this was yet another missed chance for me to top the scoring for the particular tune! :-)

The popular karaoke party format of “winner stays on” becomes a hell of a lot more fun when you have 3 challengers as opposed to just one for each track! The fun is also doubled as twice as many people as previously possible try and out-sing each other, often battling against that one tone deaf singer’s accidental attempts to change the key 10 times a minute and the laughter (or awe) of those observing as you rock out or croon your way through hit after hit.

4 players actually is twice the fun!

Fundamentally we all play games (mostly) for enjoyment, and I honestly can’t think of anyone I know who doesn’t get a kick out of either singing or watching a bit of karaoke.

Nordic Games have nailed it. Having played a significant amount of this since I got my hands on it I can honestly say that, despite my best efforts, I am unable to find any real flaw with the experience. With a wealth of options, accurate voice tracking, artist’s videos, wide selection of tracks and twice the number of players / singers as any alternative, I place this game at the head of the pack for any get together needs and, due largely to the “four singers” feature, see it as the biggest thing to happen to party games since Buzz and / or Wii Sports.

Overall We Sing Encore gets a lovely 4.5 perfect notes out of a possible 5.
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Let me hear you say; ME! ME! ME!

Competition TIME!!!

So, like the sound of it? Thought so. As mentioned above, Nordic Games wanted to extend what was an awesome launch party experience, featuring karaoke with an amazing live band providing the backing, to as many people as possible, so they’ve given us a copy of the game, including 2 microphones, to give to one of you lucky souls! As ever, we may not all be hardcore, but that doesn’t mean we give stuff out with no effort!

Oh no! To win this shiny, new, sealed copy of the game we want you to send us a list of the top 5 songs you’d like to see on karaoke release. The Newb Review team will then pour over your lists and decide who’s entry we most universally approve of and that lucky entrant will be the winner!

Oh and don’t worry, we have very eclectic tastes, so just go with your heart!

So, send your list of 5 top songs to me at by the 26th of August and I will collate, print, staple, polish, perfume and iron your entries ready for the ravening horde that is the Newb Review team to review, with the winner announced shortly afterwards!

Richard “Rax” Burley

Thu, August 19 2010 » Competitions, Reviews, Wii

5 Responses

  1. joefeesh August 19 2010 @ 8:48 pm

    I want to play this. Could do with a good sing-a-long. I’ve got a voice like Barry White :)

  2. joefeesh August 19 2010 @ 8:48 pm

    I want to play this. Could do with a good sing-a-long. I’ve got a voice like Barry White. Smooth and sexy :)

  3. Mightyles August 22 2010 @ 8:19 pm

    This definately looks like a decent party game!

  4. Bench Saw · November 3 2010 @ 7:55 pm

    i like to always sing on karaoke bars because it is very exciting to sing in front of many people ::

  5. Drip Tray December 2 2010 @ 8:01 am

    me and my girlfriend would always frequent karaoke bars because we love to sing *.,

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