First MW3 DLC hits PS3 Feb 28th

PS3 Modern Warfare 3rs will finally get their hands on “Liberation” and “Piazza” on February the 28th. So PS3 “Elite” subscribers are precicely 1 month less Elite than their 360 cousins… interesting… Whilst this release is welcome news of course, it’s also further confirmation of the PlayStation’s ailing status in the world of online multiplayer. [...]

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New Game Modes for MW3 Detailed

The latest update from Infinity Ward delivers a couple of excellent fixes and a couple of cool new game modes! In addition to clearing up a few lag related issues for all involved it also adds Drop Zone, Hardcore Ricochet and Hardcore HQ Ricochet and most interestingly perhaps “Community Playlists”, where Infinity Ward promise to [...]

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Fri, December 16 2011 » Gaming News » 3 Comments

Skyrim “Most Played Game” 2011

Whilst clear that Modern Warfare 3 wins on raw hours played, it’s Skyrim that takes both the “hours played per player” & “session length” awards to snatch Raptr’s “Most Played 2011″ award from under it’s multi-player FPS nose. (Update: The full Raptr report is now available directly by clicking here) It’s interesting to see two [...]

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Modern Warfare 3 – Worthington & Hill

. Which two movie stars do you think are least likely to star in an advert together? Well Jonas Hill & Sam Worthington are a combination pretty near the top of my list of unlikely screen-fellows! It doesn’t stop them contributing to a cool trailer ‘tho. (Apologies for the inane text pop-up drivel, that’s youtube [...]

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Modern Warfare 3 Achievements List

The full achievements list for Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) has broken cover and can be found listed below; Be aware that, as ever with achievement lists, spoilers are included. So read the list with your eyes fully closed if you don’t want some of your MW3 surprises spoilt;     Back in the Fight (5) – [...]

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