Retro Quick Look:- Medal of Honor

With the release of Medal of Honor Warfighter almost upon us we decided to produce this very special Retro Quick Look video looking back on the game that started it all, the original Medal of Honor on the PS1. Originally released in 1999, and developed by Dreamworks Interactive, Medal of Honor was noteworthy for being produced by Steven Spielberg, and was arguably one of the main games to popularise the first person shooter genre on home consoles.

When looking back at the game Tom, Kieran and Adam compare this game to the more recent military first person shooters and are astounded how far the genre has come in just over a dozen years.

Medal of Honor Warfighter is due to be released in the UK on 26th October on PS3, PC and Xbox 360. Stay tuned to for our full review very soon.

Mon, October 22 2012 » Articles, Retro Quick Look, Retrospectives, Videos

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