Review:- Hell Yeah! Pocket Inferno

Hell Yeah! Pocket Inferno - BoxshotGame: Hell Yeah! Pocket Inferno
Format: iOS
Developer: Sega (Polm Studio)
Publisher: Sega

So, Rabbits eh? Can’t trust ‘em can you…

Well, certainly not this one… Ash… for you are now an evil leporidaeic prince of hell with a big gun, an evil speeder-bike jet lawnmower and a seriously bad attitude!

As odd a concept as you are likely to find in the already eccentric mobile gaming world, this game certainly features some pretty natty design, across it’s 5 “worlds”, and has an enjoyably “old skool” side scrolling shooter feel to it which I really enjoyed.

Perhaps the most challenging aspect of the game is also it’s cleverest design decision. The controls are very simple, and I mean VERY. I am an advocate of simplicity being the best design criteria wherever possible and this pays off. On the small screen of an iPhone the “jump” and /or “shoot” two tap handling really is a blessing.

Having said that the simple controls do not mean the game is easy, oh no… certainly not, but the learning curve for feeling in control is a fairly swift one. Precision is still very much required and, at times, this can end up providing a stiff challenge as you try and time your jumps and shots against both the increasingly tricky level design and monsters both stationary or mobile.

Hell Yeah Pocket Inferno Screen Shot

There be variety in them there hell worlds…

Whilst this is a solid concept well delivered, with sound and graphics both well crafted, the aspect I really enjoyed was the varied “challenges” you can attempt in addition to simply surviving the level. These generally consist of either killing, or avoiding killing some / all monsters, collecting certain numbers of “coins” (or indeed avoiding all coins), beating certain times, or finding hidden bonus stuff. These ensure every level is re-playable and engender investigation into alternate play styles, a welcome addition to any mobile game.

Additionally the game survives our play-stop-resume lifestyle very well and delivers enough variety to keep you interested across it’s 50 levels.

Good Points: Good design across the board, simple control scheme, level variety and particularly the challenges.

Bad Points: Judging the controls can be tricky, specially on later levels, “jumping” too high or too late can be common initially.

Advice: Patience! Picking up the controls is key, and once you do you’ll enjoy the game a lot more.

Overall: 3.5 Coins out of 5

Hell Yeah! Pocket Inferno isn’t going to set the gaming world alight, but then neither will it burn a whole in you wallet! ;-) If you like a bit of a side-scrolling platforming, don’t mind learning to “bounce” correctly, and particularly if you already enjoy the franchise, then you’ll certainly enjoy your time in this slick and stylish leporidaeic hell.

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