End of Microsoft Points?

Rumors have surfaced today that Microsoft is to discontinue use of “Points” and instead switch to selling online content / DLC direct in local currencies. With an apparent target of the end of 2012 for all regions to be switched over this could be an interesting year for Xbox Live. The current “points” system not [...]

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Tue, January 24 2012 » Gaming News » 5 Comments

Portal 2 + DLC for £10 / $15 / €15

Steam, never ones to rest on their laurels, have come up with a particularly good deal for one of the best games of the year, Portal 2. This one is pretty simple in our opinion; If you are a PC gamer and don’t already own Portal 2, but have some spare pennies, you should invest [...]

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Wed, October 5 2011 » Gaming News » No Comments

Planetside 2 will be Free to Play

John Smedley, SOE President, has revealed that Planetside 2 will be based around a F2P cost model. Whilst no surprise, in this age of F2P growth, it is still very welcome news for all you MMOFPS fans. The original Planetside being one of the pioneers of the MMOFPS genre, this sequel has a lot to [...]

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Mon, September 12 2011 » Gaming News » No Comments

Guide:- Deus Ex Human Revolution

Deus Ex Human Revolution is jolly good fun, and so well designed that it’s pretty intuitive to play. Having said that there are a few things that you may want to consider to make your play-through all the more enjoyable. Here are those things! They’re detailed below and fully spoiler free. Enjoy!

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Thu, September 8 2011 » Guides & Tips » No Comments

Review: Deus Ex Human Revolution

Game: Deus Ex: Human Revolution Format: XBox 360, PS3, PC Developer: Eidos Montreal Publisher: Square Enix So, rather than hit you with the common “Deus Ex Human Revolution looks alright doesn’t it?” type thing we took the time to sit down and finish the game on it’s hardest difficulty to ensure we could bring you [...]

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Tue, September 6 2011 » PC/Mac, PS3, Reviews, Xbox 360 » 2 Comments