NEWbreview Podcast Episode 14

The ever popular Tom Wallis is joined by the ever so wonderful Kieran Roycroft, along with the enigmatic idiot that is Adam Radcliffe for another week of gaming banter. Adam proves he can’t answer simple questions…again, Bulletstorm proves it’s better than Killzone 3. MP3 Download / iTunes / RSS Feed

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Mon, March 7 2011 » Podcasts » No Comments

Shadow of The Colossus – A Voice In The Wilderness Part Two

We’ve hunted lizards, downed spoonfuls of gloopy, graphical stew and whined more than an emo mosquito. Next on my hit list: The Colossi. I hate those things. Yes, I murmured the same the same ooh and aahs of trepidation as I approached my first Colossus, and whimpered a bit when it turned its mournful gaze [...]

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Wed, June 30 2010 » Opinion Pieces » Comments Off

Shadow of the Colossus – A Voice In the Wilderness, Part One

I didn’t want it to be like this. I never wanted to the black sheep; the dissenting voice in the herd that disagrees with popular opinion in a small, plaintive bleat. And, by and large, I’m not. I love video games. I love them in all shapes and sizes from a six hour blast through [...]

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Tue, June 29 2010 » Opinion Pieces » 4 Comments

Overrated:- Fallout 3

With all the merriness and festivities that came with Christmas and New Year, I thought I’d stop the world from exploding (you can thank me later) by balancing it all out with some good old fashioned anger and misery.

Yes you may accuse me of cheaply bashing “Fallout 3”just to provoke reaction and enrage people into commenting and emailing me in order to gain a few extra visitors to the site and you know what? You’re right (well partly).

I know how beloved “Fallout 3” is to a lot of you gaming folk out there, so beloved in fact that it’s spawned multiple DLC packs and a “game of the year” edition of the game. But I just don’t get it.

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Tue, January 12 2010 » Articles, Massively Overated Games.. » 18 Comments