Never Forget About Shenmue

“Keep friends… those you love… close to you…” were the final words of Iwao Hazuki on that fateful day in 1986, when the snow turned to rain. The Shenmue saga has yet to be concluded after many years suspended on a paradigm shift of a cliffhanger, and the true meaning of those words is still [...]

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Thu, November 15 2012 » Articles, Retrospectives » 3 Comments

Shenmue – Going Home for the Holidays

As a once-enthusiastic Christmas aficionado who has since lapsed into doleful cynicism and meh-induced hand-flapping at the mere mention of tinsel, when I wake up with a flickering of seasonal joy stirring my stony old heart I have to grab and squeeze it, and treat it like the rare and precious thing it is. I [...]

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Tue, December 14 2010 » Opinion Pieces » No Comments

Edu-tainment: Learning from games

A recent article on this very site reminded me of an article I’d been meaning to write for ages. Whilst that article was about reading about games, this one is about what we actually learn from games. I don’t mean in an ‘I’ve learnt I have a brain age of a forty year old, and [...]

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Thu, August 12 2010 » Opinion Pieces » 3 Comments

Adam thinks… For twice

People are lazy, very lazy, (me especially), but its not written into our genetic code, or a result of our upbringing, it is in fact the consequence of our ever growing intelligence and the utilization of our intelligence to create more and more gadgets and gizmos, which sole purpose is to make our lives a lot lazier.

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Mon, June 14 2010 » Adam Thinks..., Articles » No Comments

Five Most Influential Games (2000-2009)

In the world of videogames there really is no more sincere compliment than copying. In fact, you could go as far as to say that the industry thrives on one developer using the ideas of others. If this were the practice in any other industry, there would be a number of lawsuits flying about the [...]

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Wed, May 26 2010 » Articles, List Articles » 5 Comments