Sim City To Be Reborn

Set to return to PC in 2013 and be as incredible as you imagine it could be with a whole new generation of hardware to power it this is great news for Sim City fans old and new. I mean who wouldn’t want to run a city that looks this good right? As a personal [...]

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New Microsoft Flight Beta To Open

It may have escaped your notice, as it did ours, that Microsoft’s diligent efforts in refreshing it’s dominant flight simulator offering are begining to bear fruit. Namely in the recent appearance of beta testing applications for the new package. If you have any interest in flight simulation on PC then this is big news for [...]

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Preview: Shift 2: Unleashed

Game: Shift 2: Unleashed Format: XBox 360, PS3, PC Developer: Slightly Mad Studios Publisher: Electronic Arts Shift 2: Unleashed is the second simulation racer in the Need for Speed franchise from Slightly Mad Studios. Whilst Hot Pursuit sought to take the arcade leg of the franchise back to its routes, Unleashed seeks to build on [...]

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Review: Game Dev Story

Game: Game Dev Story Format: iPhone/iPod Touch Developer: Kairosoft Publisher: Kairosoft ‘You think you can do better?’ would be a worthy tag line to go with Game Dev Story as the simulation puts us in control of our own gaming destiny. Can we create the next Call of Duty or can we create a game [...]

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