Preview: Shift 2: Unleashed

Game: Shift 2: Unleashed Format: XBox 360, PS3, PC Developer: Slightly Mad Studios Publisher: Electronic Arts Shift 2: Unleashed is the second simulation racer in the Need for Speed franchise from Slightly Mad Studios. Whilst Hot Pursuit sought to take the arcade leg of the franchise back to its routes, Unleashed seeks to build on [...]

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SHIFT 2 Unleashed Launch Trailer

The significantly appetizing launch trailer for SHIFT 2: Unleashed shows some pretty impressive clips of amongst other things the all new night racing and the intriguing helmet cam. The Need For Speed vs Forza vs Gran Tourismo debate may still be raging, but from what we’ve seen F & GT should be checking their mirrors [...]

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Review: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Game: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Format: 360

Developer: LucasArts

Publisher: LucasArts

Hello, newblings. You may remember that last month I wrote a nice, little review on Ubisoft’s “Assassin’s Creed 1” ( Actually, said article was the first in a few (and I do mean few) articles in a series I’ve somewhat called “Games that were released ages ago that I’ve finally played, for free) and here’s the second (and final I might add) instalment, “Star Wars: The Force Unleashed”, which was kindly lent to me from another friend of mine (yes I know it’s a miracle, a cynical, miserable b*stard like me can have friends?).

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