Saints Row 3 To Get Superpowers

THQ have announced that they are developing a new DLC pack for their popular open world game Saints Row: The Third entitled Enter The Dominatrix. The publisher describes this new add on as a “groundbreaking standalone expansion” and promises that it will add a new level of insanity to the already quite frantic and frenzied [...]

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Saints Row: The Third (PC) – £10

Crazy game, crazy value! – Rax

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Preview:- Saints Row: The Third

Have you ever had a dream that in which you attempted to rob a big, American bank, dressed in a hotdog costume, brandishing a super soaker, whilst your accomplice runs around in just a thong and a paper bag on his head, wielding a baguette as his weapon of choice? No, me neither. But for [...]

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Red Faction – RIP

The Red Faction franchise is to be discontinued due to poor sales performance over it’s last few iterations, according to it’s publisher THQ. With a proud decade of encouraging us to rebel by destroying buildings and stuff it is retiring to a lovely mountain cabin on Olympus Mons. One can’t help but wonder if the [...]

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