GAME Reward Cards Usable Again

GAME have announced that reward cards are usable again effective immediately… but ONLY for redemtion against the purchase of pre-owned games. You will be able to collect points on any purchase. Whilst this is clearly a lot better than no reward scheme, and a big relief to many, it’s certainly still not ideal, having said [...]

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Thu, March 29 2012 » Gaming News » No Comments

GAME UK Under Threat?

It has emerged, today, that one of the leading game retailers in the UK, GAME, has had it’s credit insurance with a number of agencies withdrawn. This follows a series of store closures in recent years and well document instability in high-street game sales generally. The immediate impact of this is that when the next [...]

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Wed, February 1 2012 » Gaming News » 5 Comments

Short Term 40% Off Ubisoft UK PC Sale

Ubisoft have sent word today of a limited time UK sale on all of their current PC games on sale at their official online store. To get a whopping 40% off all purchases (excluding preorders) simply enter the following code at the checkout: ACB18MARCH  Games on offer include Call of Juarez, Assassin’s Creed, Splinter Cell, RUSE, [...]

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Thu, February 24 2011 » Gaming News » 1 Comment

Review: Kinect Sports

Game: Kinect Sports Format: Xbox 360 Kinect Developer: Rare Publisher: Microsoft Games Studios Not since the first Guitar Hero has there been a game that so effectively replicated the experience of being something that you are not. Where Guitar Hero made you feel like a stadium filling rock god, Kinect Sports can, at the best [...]

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Mon, November 22 2010 » Reviews, Xbox 360 » 1 Comment

The Newb Review Reports… From the World Cyber Games

So for this 10th anniversary of the WCG, were we in for an upset? Erm… as the final medal table, to the right, reveals… No. As has now become tradition, South Korea swept away all before them, dominating the competition totally with a crushing 3 gold, 2 silver and 3 bronze medals. The rest of [...]

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Wed, October 6 2010 » Articles » 1 Comment