The Darkness 2 Ltd (360 & PS3) – £20

Crazy game, equally crazy price drop; 360 : PS3 : – Rax  

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Thu, March 29 2012 » Deals » 1 Comment

The Darkness 2 Demo Out Now

Those with their PS3 or Xbox 360 connected to the internet should head over to their respective marketplace and download the demo for 2K Games The Darkness 2. The Darkness 2 is a dark comic book inspired shooter that puts you in the role of a mafia hitman, named Jackie Estacado, that is posessed by [...]

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Tue, January 17 2012 » Gaming News » No Comments

Podcast:- Podcast Ep 50: Chickendragon

It’s the big 5-0 ladies and gents, Episode 50 of the podcast! I know, how/why did we make it this far? To celebrate this landmark, Kieran is joined by writer (and making his podcast debut) Jose Luis Perez Zapata as well as everybody’s favorite idiot, Adam Radcliffe. The best games release of the [...]

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Sun, November 20 2011 » Podcasts » 1 Comment

Preview:- The Darkness II

It’s been almost five years since 2k published their horror FPS The Darkness, a game based on on the cult hit comic book of the same name. Recently the staff at were invited behind closed doors to talk to 2k about their upcoming sequel, aptly named The Darkness II, and to claw their way [...]

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Mon, November 14 2011 » PC/Mac, Previews, PS3, Xbox 360 » 4 Comments

The Darkness 2 Delayed Till Feb 2012

2K have confirmed that the release date for The Darkness 2 has now slipped from October 4th 2011 to February 10th 2012. This imaginatively titled sequel to the very well regarded 2007 game “The Darkness” will again be coming to PS3, XBox & PC. When it eventually arrives that is. Still, better a delay than [...]

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Wed, July 20 2011 » Gaming News » No Comments