CAP 136 – A Guerrilla and a Wolverine Walk Into a Bar

On this week’s fighting and shooting centric podcast, Joe2187 joins us to rebut Jason’s rant on Capcom last week. Plus we have the games coming soon for August. Some of the games included in this episode are Mega Man Maverick Hunter X, Dragon Age 2, Halo Reach, WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2011, Dungeon Siege 3, [...]

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Modern Warfare 3 to Debut at GAMEfest

So, when will we get to see MW3 for real and have a go on it? Glad you asked. 16th of September 2011 at GAMEfest in the Birmingham NEC, UK. There, gaming news can be so simple sometimes! Oh and you can get more info about, or indeed buy tickets for, GAMEfest right here. – [...]

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Modern Warfare 3 Arriving Nov 8th

A leaked store / shop poster for Modern Warfare 3 seems to confirm earlier rumours that we’ll be able to pickup Modern Warfare 3 on Tuesday November 8th 2011. It goes without saying that any new Modern Warfare game is going to be huge news. Having said that, many feel that Battlefield 3 will give [...]

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Obey. Consume. This is your COD.

You need this game. Sound familiar? A little too familiar, perhaps? Think about a game you want. Maybe it’s a new game, out today, piled high in towering stacks across the country in every supermarket and games shop. Everywhere you look you see it in its blue, white or green box, mocking you, watching you, [...]

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Amazing PS3 / Xbox deals today only

There are some amazing deals over at The Hut today, including titles such as Modern Warfare, Lost Planet 2, Aliens vs Predator, Bio Shock 2, Dragon Age Origins and much more all under £20. 

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