Xi: Continuum announcement trailer

Indie developer nDreams today announced the sequel to their 2009 alternate reality game Xi, a game that lasted 12 weeks and crossed over into the real world, with players having to head to online videos, websites and even real life events to succeed. newbreview.com was just in its infancy when the original Xi game ran, [...]

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Mon, November 26 2012 » Gaming News, Videos » No Comments

Far Cry 3 New HD Gameplay

. Wow, this is definitely rising up my charts for exciting games of 2012… Any more of this sort of quality trailer and I may have to pre-order the thing! – Richard “Rax” Burley

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Wed, February 22 2012 » Gaming News » No Comments

New Mass Effect 3 Trailer IS Epic

. “Epic is as Epic does” goes the saying (well sort of) and this does and thus is… With production values like this on a trailer one can only imagine the experience awaiting all of us who will be jumping straight in on Day 1! – Richard “Rax” Burley

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NeverDead Launch Trailer + Screens

Ahead of the Uk release of NeverDead Konami have sent over a new trailer detailing the game’s basic premise as well as showing off some of the more unique gameplay elements and the great theme song performed by Megadeath: We’ve also been treated to a heap of new screenshots. Check them out below: Our review [...]

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Darksiders II Eternal Death Trailer

THQ have sent over a new trailer for their fantastic looking action adventure game Darksiders II We were big fans of the original Darksiders, which felt like a blend of The Legend of Zelda and God of War, and as such we are really looking forward to getting our hands on this game in the [...]

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