Kingdom Hearts 3DS Release Date

Square Enix have confirmed that Exciting news! Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance] is coming to Europe and PAL territories on the 20th July, and will be released in the USA a few weeks later on 31st July. Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance] is the latest entry in Square’s RPG series that pits the [...]

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Epic Mickey 3DS Screenshots

Disney have released a new batch of screenshots for the upcoming sequel to Epic Mikey on the 3DS. Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion has been billed as a spiritual successor to the classic Mickey Mouse Castle of Illusion from the 1990s. The game will also apparently “a special drawing and painting function that allows players [...]

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Interactive TV 360 Bound

Microsoft have announced the next wave of child-friendly Kinect experiences that will be coming to Xbox 360 early next year. These titles are mostly educational games that are the result of a collaboration with Sesame Workshop and National Geographic, as well as involvement with the Games for Learning Institute. The initial wave of titles will [...]

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Review: Epic Mickey

Game Epic Mickey Format: Wii Developer: Junction Point Studios Publisher: Disney Interactive Studios The creative output of Pixar Animation Studios has become synonymous with the face of Disney, with characters like Buzz Lightyear, Nemo, Lightning McQueen and Wall-E generating millions, even billions, of revenue for The Walt Disney Company. But there was once a time [...]

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Review: TRON: Evolution

Game: TRON: Evolution Platform: PC, PS3, 360 Developer: Propaganda Games Publisher: Disney Interactive Studios Have you ever seen that film Disney film, TRON? No? Well it was really good and it boasted some neat special effects, for the time anyway… after all it did come out in 1982. However despite all of that not many [...]

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