Save Big On Games & Support Charity!

Don’t you love a no-brainer? I do. Likely due to my lack of any real brain! Sometimes in life you can really enjoy the “win-win”, and this my dear friends is just such an opportunity! So why not glide along to and grab yourself not only the gaming deal of a lifetime, but also [...]

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Wed, December 14 2011 » Gaming News » 1 Comment

CAP 134 – Back to the Darksiders

This week Jason has a few rants for your enjoyment. We have the news and the NPD numbers from June as well. Some of the games rambled on about this show include Trenched, Darksiders, Catherine, Mass Effect 2 (Yes, again.), Dragon Age 2, Shank, Uncharted 3, Torchlight, MLB Bobblehead Pros, inFamous 2, Back to the [...]

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Sat, July 23 2011 » Recommended Podcasts » No Comments

CAP 109 – Reach For The Halo

We have a great show for you this week. Jason takes it to the hoop this week with round up on the NBA game demos and he gets his hands on Halo: Reach. Steven has a big list of demos he played through to clean off his hard drive and he gives us his opinion [...]

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Sat, September 25 2010 » Recommended Podcasts » No Comments

Review: Shank

Game: Shank Format: Xbox Live Arcade, Playstation Network Developer: Klei Entertainment Publisher: Electronic Arts It’s perhaps surprising that more games haven’t drawn on the imagery of exploitation movies, given the genre’s prevalence of striking images and over-the-top violence, both of which are fully present here. Shank joins AM2’s passably entertaining Wet in the “Grindhouse” category [...]

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Thu, September 2 2010 » PC/Mac, PS3, Reviews, Xbox 360 » 4 Comments

Speaking with… Jamie Cheng of Klei Entertainment

The staff at Newb Review Towers have decided to get a little more hands on with the creators of some of the biggest and brightest looking upcoming games. We’re going to be starting a regular feature in which we interview the people behind the games that interest us the most. In this inaugural edition of [...]

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Fri, August 6 2010 » Interviews » 5 Comments