Quick Look: Bulletstorm

This week Kieran and Luke have a go at Epic Games and People Can Fly’s latest first person shooter Bulletstorm. Rather than trying out the game’s full multiplayer mode – that would be too simple, right? – the guys test their metal on the score attack Echos mode. Featuring some adult language and cartoon gore, [...]

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Preview: Ridge Racer 3D

With Nintendo’s highly anticipated next handheld (the 3DS) literally weeks away from launch, it’s been doing the rounds with events set up around the world to give gamers a taste of what’s to come. However, thankfully I did not have to make the trips to New York, Amsterdam or any of the other locations picked [...]

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NEWbreview Podcast Episode 9

This week our regular band of misfits, Tom, Adam and Kieran, are joined by site writer and twitter superstar Mr Campfire Burning. With Campfire bringing some much needed knowledge of gaming, the guys run down the top releases of the week, Adam updates us on his attempts to woo the ladies and we talk a [...]

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Mon, January 31 2011 » Podcasts » 12 Comments

Guide:- Demon’s Souls (Part 1)

Whether you waited until it’s official UK release or were far too impatient and decided to import it from elsewhere, it is safe to say that Demons Souls was one of the most unexpected underground hits of the past few years. Having built up a cult following due to it’s unique online features and punishing [...]

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The Irony of It All

We’ve seen the release of the Nintendo Wii and the Playstation Move. However, this month it was the turn of Microsoft to show their metaphorical motion controlling hand with the long awaited release of their very own motion controller; Kinect. Despite being touted by Microsoft as their miracle motion sensoring machine, I can’t help but [...]

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