Preview:- Dark Souls

Back in 2009 a little game developer named From Software released Demon’s Souls, a game inspired by classic dungeon crawlers like King’s Field and Bauldur’s Gate. From Software didn’t need to spend much on marketing as word of the game’s tortuously impossible difficulty spread like wildfire across the gaming community. It wasn’t long before Demon’s [...]

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Guide:- Demon’s Souls (Part 3)

If there’s one thing to take note of while playing the epitome of unforgiving games known as Demon’s Souls, it is this: there won’t be anyone to hold your hand and guide you though the game. After the very brief tutorial at the start of the game, you’re really not told anything else. Upgrading weapons, learning [...]

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Guide:- Demon’s Souls (Part 2)

To say that the bosses in Demon’s Souls are hard to beat would be a gross understatement, and if you’re intending to undertake this mammoth task, it’s going to be like nothing you have ever faced before. I hope this Newb’s guide, written by a newb, for newbs, will better prepare you for the challenge. [...]

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Guide:- Demon’s Souls (Part 1)

Whether you waited until it’s official UK release or were far too impatient and decided to import it from elsewhere, it is safe to say that Demons Souls was one of the most unexpected underground hits of the past few years. Having built up a cult following due to it’s unique online features and punishing [...]

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