Quick Look:- The Curse

The Curse is a brand new IOS puzzle game from Toy Studio. With the internet abuzz at how difficult some of the grueling puzzles are, Tom, Kieran and Adam sit down to take you through the first five and give you a taster of what this iPad beaut has to offer. Subscribe to newbreview.com’s youtube channel for [...]

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Quick Look:- Outwitters

With the staggering growth of mobile gaming in recent years we thought it was about time that we dedicated a section of our site to some of the cool mobile games out there that you may not have heard about. This week Tom, Kieran and Adam shine the spotlight on the online multiplayer component of [...]

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Quick Look:- Darksiders II

Following on from our glowing review of Darksiders II, the newbreview.com team presents a (relatively spoiler free) video looking at some highlights from the opening chapter of THQ’s new adventure game. For those that are unaware, Darksiders II puts players in the role of Death, the Horseman of the Apocalypse, on an epic quest to restore [...]

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Quick Look:- Fur Fighters (iPad)

Originally released on the Sega Dreamcast in the space year 2000 to great critical acclaim, Fur Fighters is an anthropomorphic shooting game in which you take the role of a member of an elite anti-terrorist organisation that defends the world from animal threats. If you couldn’t tell from that description, it’s a game that never [...]

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Quick Look:- The Dark Knight Rises

Following on from this morning’s full review, Kieran and Luke bring us a Quick Look Video about Gameloft’s movie tie in game The Dark Knight Rises. In this video we show how the game compares to other Batman titles out there, have a look at the expansive upgrade system, and go for a drive around [...]

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