Game of Thrones RPG Trailer

Atlus have sent over a new trailer for Game of Thrones, their new role playing game based on the popular HBO TV series and internationally bestselling A Song of Ice and Fire book series.This trailer, entitled This Is War, sets out the basic premise of the game’s narrative, which is been written under the supervision [...]

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Review:- Catherine

Game: Catherine Format: Xbox 360, PS3 Developer: Atlus Persona Team Publisher: Atlus, Deep Silver It’s a part of growing up that everyone has to eventually face… the idea of a long-term relationship and all that comes with it. Steady jobs, mortgages, little to no late nights out drinking with good friends and (let’s whisper this [...]

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Review:- The Cursed Crusade

Game: The Cursed Crusade Developer: Kylotonn Games Publisher: Atlus Platform: PS3, Xbox 360, PC The Crusades were a series of military campaigns that spanned over 300 years, funded by the christian church with the blessing of the Pope. The aim was to retake the holy land of Jerusalem from Muslim control. It was a bloody time [...]

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Underrated:- Persona 3 and 4

Persona 3 and 4 on the Playstation 2 are not only underplayed, they were criminally ignored by the west. Critics held hands, and banded together in universal praise when they hit the shelves, awarding scores rarely dipping below solid gold nines. Sure, they’re niche titles, but it doesn’t make me any less P*SSED that so [...]

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Guide:- Demon’s Souls (Part 3)

If there’s one thing to take note of while playing the epitome of unforgiving games known as Demon’s Souls, it is this: there won’t be anyone to hold your hand and guide you though the game. After the very brief tutorial at the start of the game, you’re really not told anything else. Upgrading weapons, learning [...]

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