Guide:- Surviving Game Expos

 Earlier this month I visited GAMEfest – the first computer games’ expo I have ever attended.  I went to bed the night before with a belly full of Horlicks and embraced the serene slumber that would leave me with batteries fully charged for the event the next day. Unfortunately, during that sleep I endured an extreme [...]

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Sat, September 24 2011 » Articles, Guides & Tips » 4 Comments

The Newb Review @ London MCM Expo 2011

The Newb Review will be present at this year’s MCM Expo in London, on Friday 27th – Sunday 29th May. The show will bring some of the summer’s hottest Movies, TV Shows, Comics, and Video Games, directly to members of the public for the first time.

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Wed, May 18 2011 » Articles » No Comments

Preview: Dead or Alive: Dimensions

Team Ninja and Tecmo’s Dead or Alive franchise has garnered something of an uneven reputation, with a series of bad games over the years (Dead or Alive Beach Volley Ball anyone?). When the features you advertise your games on are the kinds of features that only people like our very own Adam Radcliffe can appreciate (I’m [...]

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Mon, March 14 2011 » 3DS, Previews » No Comments

Preview: Pilotwings Resort

I like flying airplanes in the virtual realm just as much as the next guy – games like Heatseeker, Starfox and Ace Combat being some of my more arcadey favourites – but, until recently, I had never even heard about Pilotwings. It’s a quirky little flying simulator with the childish touch of Nintendo’s crazy little [...]

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Thu, March 3 2011 » 3DS, Previews » 2 Comments

Preview: Kid Icarus: Uprising

Dear Readers, Cast your minds back to E3 2010, after a disappointing showing the year before, it’s safe to say Nintendo stole the show. We had new Kirby, new Donkey Kong and a brand new console, the Nintendo 3DS. The unveiling of the 3DS wasn’t necessarily the thing that grabbed the headlines – rumours of [...]

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