Overrated:- Tiny Tower (video)

Following on from the smash hit that was Tom’s Overrated article last week (four people read it), he’s made a little video. If you find you’re still sitting on the fence as to whether to tap your way to the App store and download this free game, watch this video to help decide. Enjoy!

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Overrated:- Tiny Tower

Every once in a while a game comes along that captures the attention of the gaming population. A few months back Tiny Tower was just such a game. The idea is simple; build a tower with a mix of residential suites and services to maximise happiness and coin in order to continue building your tower [...]

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Overrated:- The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

As a human being I have faults, one of which is the way I have to have an opinion on EVERYTHING. I know EVERYTHING, and coupled with the immense satisfaction I get from irritating and annoying people for no reason whatsoever, I am simply a nightmare. Being a gamer makes it that little bit worse; [...]

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Overrated:- Metal Gear Solid 4

Here at The Newb Review we like to think that gaming journalism isn’t all about picking up popular games and telling you how great they are. Tom01255 has adopted this idiom as his own personal mantra as he delves into games that everyone seems to love, but he really doesn’t… Join him as he talks [...]

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Overrated:- Fallout 3

With all the merriness and festivities that came with Christmas and New Year, I thought I’d stop the world from exploding (you can thank me later) by balancing it all out with some good old fashioned anger and misery.

Yes you may accuse me of cheaply bashing “Fallout 3”just to provoke reaction and enrage people into commenting and emailing me in order to gain a few extra visitors to the site and you know what? You’re right (well partly).

I know how beloved “Fallout 3” is to a lot of you gaming folk out there, so beloved in fact that it’s spawned multiple DLC packs and a “game of the year” edition of the game. But I just don’t get it.

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