Media: The New Xbox 360

Friday 16th July saw the launch of the New Xbox 360 and The Newb Review‘s Luke Mears decided to go hands on with the console. Check out his video unboxing below, followed by a number of photos he took comparing it to the original Xbox 360 and the PS3 Slim.

Photo Gallery

The new hard drives are tiny!

On the left, the updated controller, and the right the old controller.

The original power brick on the left, and the new power brick on the right.

The new Xbox consumes much less power than older models.

They may very well have the same father...

Whatever you do don't call it The Xbox Slim!

A closer look at the new ports

Stay tuned to The Newb Review for our review of the new Xbox 360, coming soon!

Sat, July 17 2010 » Previews

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