Quick Look:- Sports Champions 2

Kieran and Adam are back for another newbreview.com Quick Look video, and this time they’re taking a special look at the inexpensive PlayStation Move game Sports Champions 2. This motion control only game features several party-appropriate Sports, including Tennis, Golf, Boxing and Skiing.

This prompts a discussion between then about how they feel the PlayStation Move is faring in comparison to the Nintendo Wii and Microsoft’s Kinect, as well as their general thoughts on motion controlled gaming in general.

Sports Champions 2 is available now from all good retailers and as a digital download from the PlayStation Store. If you’re looking for a solid reliable sports game that has the potential to be a lot of fun with a large group of people then you could do much worse than Sports Champions 2.

Wed, November 14 2012 » Previews, PS3, Quick Look, Videos

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