God of War Ascension Screenshots

Following on from Sony’s live-stream video showing off God of War Ascension we have been sent a new batch of screenshots showing off the game’s newly announced multiplayer modes: The video showed one of the new multiplayer modes in which two teams of four battled it out with the winning team going on to attack [...]

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God of War Ascension Trailer

Sony have finally confirmed that a new God of War game is in development. Entitled God Of War Ascension the game is a prequel to the original God of War and will apparently feature Kratos before he became the Ghost of Sparta. Check out the official trailer below: Sony have scheduled a live stream of [...]

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God of War IV Trailer Leaks?

A video has shown up online purporting to be a teaser trailer for God of War IV. Check it out below: With the Game Developers Conference only a few short days away it does seem believable that this video may be a legitimate leak. As ever stay tuned for more news as and when we [...]

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Five Most Influential Games (2000-2009)

In the world of videogames there really is no more sincere compliment than copying. In fact, you could go as far as to say that the industry thrives on one developer using the ideas of others. If this were the practice in any other industry, there would be a number of lawsuits flying about the [...]

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Review: God Of War III

For the uninitiated, the God of War (GoW) franchise has been one of the most successful Sony exclusives of the current generation. In a nutshell, the games are set in Ancient Greece and follow the exploits of Kratos, a Spartan warrior out for vengeance against the gods. Such vengeance is necessary because Kratos was tricked [...]

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